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Avatars Against Trump

Hello again readers. Today’s post is very political in nature and if its not your thing, I do apologize. For those who wish to continue, read on. 


In the real world, I am a 28 year old gay male, who’s no beauty queen, jock, muscle god or beefy manly cake made out of testosterone; I am simply a bear cub. In my virtual world I am a glamazonian queen, my very own personal barbie. Make no mistake; my virtual me and my real me are integrally linked, we are one being. She is my female side, manifested in the virtual world of Second Life. I have always identified heavily with women, but am happy with being male. I accept both halves of my spirit and meld them into one. For this reason, I have not always been accepted, even within my own community, which breaks my heart. There’s so much prejudice in the world, somethings we just have to let go and let live, and others, we must resist. 

As a gay man, I have suffered horrific discrimination throughout my life which has impacted me in many ways, one of which is not wanting anybody else, regardless of race, religion, sexuality and so on, to have to go through the same horrors. Unfortunately we now have a President who has opened the flood gates of hate, intolerance, prejudice, racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia and it hasn’t just stopped there. Now we are building a wall, and turning our backs on what America is. It sparks a fire within me to fight for all my American brothers and sisters. I will NOT sit quietly and let anybody be discriminated against, singled out or targeted. No matter how different we are from one another, know that I love you and you are not alone. We will fight this together, we are a nation of immigrants, you belong here, you ARE American. I will fight by your side, I will hold your hand, I will not let you suffer in silence. This is my pledge, my promise to all of you. We will fight, we will win. 

Please view Strawberry Singh’s Avatar’s Against Trump post, which has all the links and information you need to make up your mind if this is right for you. It was for me. Thank you to  Hamlet Au of New World Notes for propelling this movement forward and everyone participating. Please, join us. I will end this with a poem from Robert Browning, entitled, ‘Why I am a Liberal.’ It’s whats imprinted over top my image.

“Why?” Because all I haply can and do,
All that I am now, all I hope to be,–
Whence comes it save from fortune setting free
Body and soul the purpose to pursue,
God traced for both? If fetters, not a few,
Of prejudice, convention, fall from me,
These shall I bid men–each in his degree
Also God-guided–bear, and gayly, too?
But little do or can the best of us:
That little is achieved through Liberty.
Who, then, dares hold, emancipated thus,
His fellow shall continue bound? Not I,
Who live, love, labour freely, nor discuss
A brother’s right to freedom. That is “Why.”