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Gacha Guardians 2017

Hello gentle readers! 2017 is right around the corner and I keep wondering where the year went. 

Gacha Guardians is now open! There are some BIG changes, so brace yourselves(in a good way). The even is no longer store to store, but at a set location, here. That means no more hoping around, just a one stop shop. You no longer have to collect runes in order to claim gifts of the exclusive items, plus there will now be two exclusive gifts per gacha machine. You will get one of them after 15 pulls from a machine, so you have a 50/50 shot at getting one of the two exclusives. I like those odds. 


Gos and Cae have joined creative forces to bring us the Jazz Pump gacha; a pointed pump by Gospel and glittering jewel adornments by Caelen.  There are 9 colors and two patterns to collect for the pointed pumps, of which the base is free, and appliers are what you are playing for from Gospel’s part in the machine. As you play for the colors/patterns, you’re also playing for the jewels Caelan created to accent these stunning pumps. There are 6 jewels to collect, one of which is RARE. I was only able to play a few times, which yielded two colors, Scarlet and Silver, as well as three of the jewels, Fleur Silver, StarryLight Blue and Ambrose. I’ll have to return to play it again, but for now, my poor purse has burst into flames(lol!). 


  Mini Report



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When the First Frost hits, Snow Fall isn’t far behind.

Hello gentle readers! After being away for awhile, im finally back to blogging and what better topic than the new upcoming December Arcade!.

Blog Update: The Arcade is now open!

Its an event we all know and love(or hate to love for the sake of our purses) and my favorite time of year for it is of course, Christmas!. Exile is participating with two fabulously wintry hair styles, First Frost and Snow Fall. The Naturals for both hairs are the rares and they have HUDS to control the ear muffs and Hat/Bow colors. 

Happy playing!.

Detailed Report


  • Wigs: Exile(Kavar Cleanslate)-First Frost and Snow Fall @ The Arcade
  • Head: FIORE(Sanya Bilavio)-Soft 2.1
  • Skin: ItGirls(Annie Jolifaunt)-Isabeli in Summer
  • Body: SLink(Siddean Munro)-Hourglass
  • Hands: SLink(Siddean Munro)-Casual


  • Top: ISON(Harry Hyx)-Wrap off shoulder weather in Light Gray
  • Skirt: ISON(Harry Hyx)-Suede in Black


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Gacha Guardians: Glam Affair

Hello readers, we meet again(mawahaahah).

The Gacha Guardians event is well underway and i’ve been happily playing as many gachas as my purse will allow. If you are unfamiliar with the event, you start by attaining a special HUD at a main starting location or at any of the participating stores. You need the HUD to find and collect the special runes at each store. Once the rune has been touched, the HUD will allow you to either move on, or play the machine at the current store.  Next to each locations gacha machine you will find a very special item known as the “Gift of The Guardians”; this gift cannot be won by chance. You must play the machine 10 times to receive the special key and as you play in multiples of 10, you can receive more keys. Once you have collected all the locations the HUD will allow you to teleport to the Guardians treasure room. Once you are there, you use your special keys won from playing machines to unlock special gifts; they will be no copy/transfer and after the event is through, they will be retired. 

Glam Affair is part of the event with a Catwa applier named Alma. I was instantly smitten and had to buy her. I played a few times and was lucky enough to win both rares and two commons that I had wanted. 


  • Applier-Glam Affair(Aida Ewing)-Alma in Asia 02 RARE, Jamaica 02 RARE, Artic 02, Europa 01 @ The Mainstore for the Gacha Guardians Event
  • Head: Catwa(Catwa Clip)-Kori
  • Eyebrows: Buzzeri(Eleri Catlyn)-The Flawless for catwa
  • Hairs-Truth(Truth Hawks)-Tyne, Morgana, Hope & Lelutka(Thora Charron)-Ripley 
  • Sweater-ISON(Harry Hyx)-Off Shoulder in Gray @ Uber

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Bubble Pop!

Hello gentle readers! The new round of Uber has started and like always, I love it all; especially Fishy Strawberry.

Fae really hit it out of the park for me this round with her Dismay Princess two piece torn top and tutu skirt.  So if you feel like dipping your toes into the punk’y sweet princess pool, this is the perfect outfit for it.



  • Hairs-Lamb(Lamb Bellic)Wolf/Elikatira(Elika Tiramisu)-Zanna/Atomic(Ivy Graves)-Gacha // Harajuku Me // Bunny – Mythical
  • Bubblegum-Pink Fuel(Mochi Milena)-Yum v2
  • Outfit-Fishy Strawberry(Fae Eriksen)-Dismay Princess with Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey top, White, Black and Neon Pink tutu’s @Uber
  • Body-Maitreya(Onyx LeShelle)-Lara
  • Hands-SLink(Siddean Munro)-Casual


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Exile @ The Arcade September

Hello gentle readers!

Its time again for the aracde, one of my favorite gacha events. This new round looks spectacular.

I ditched my mesh head this post in favor of my stock one; its still pretty(I hope).

Exile is participating with two hair styles, Hot or Cold, is  50L to play with 20 to collect, of which two are rare; the rares are the Naturals. I ended up switching them around though for this photo, so you have Cold or Hot for my blog, lols!.


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Flowey @ Collabor88 May

Hello readers!. Collabor88 is back with a stunning new round of around 50 designers for the theme, Into The Light.

Flowey is participating with the Charlotte Top & Shorts that come in several prints and colors. I have to admit the Red Floral set is my favorite, its flowers duh!.

Glam Affair has the gorgeous Luna skin for this C88 round and I am smitten. My favorite skin release so far this year and i’ve purchased all of the ones Aida has put out at C88 thus far. This is a can’t miss round.


  • Skin-Glam Affair(Aida Ewing)-Luna in Asia 02 @ C88
  • Top & Shorts-Flowey(Flutter Memel)-Charlotte in Red Floral, Pink & Holographic @ C88
  • Hairs-pr!tty(Karla Marama)-Kimberley Tucked Blondes B & Emilia Red B @ Chapter 4
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Bunny Girl

Hello readers!. 2015 has been a pretty good year so far, lets hope it stays that way.

TAG gacha was a gacha event that I thought I would skip over, simply because(even though I was told last year that I did it) I was so confused as to how it worked. Thankfully I was not alone in the confusion, as others were having similar issues as I was. Ill break it down for you, from doing it with the help of my friend Eppy.

The first thing that you should know, is that TAG is a HUD based event; meaning you have to have the HUD on to proceed through each store. It starts out at Gachatopia, where you grab the HUD, attach it and you get asked for permissions, just accept them. You will notice the HUD has empty slots, you get those filled in as you visit each location where you find a banner near the machine and click it to unlock that store on your HUD. The HUD automatically teleports you to each location when you hit spin. Once the slots are all filled in(aka stores unlocked) you are able to visit the bonus room which houses apple fall, atomic, !dM just to name a few. You have to wear your fully unlocked HUD to play these games, or your L’s get refunded. If you’re like me, you are probably asking yourself why you would even have to do all this to get a bonus room. The answer is simple; it keeps people from skipping stores they may not have thought twice about going to. Im guilty of this as I was only set on getting a few things from certain stores, but because I had to unlock all the locations, I found that I wanted allot more then what I thought I would previously. TAG gacha is worth all the “work”. For more information, visit TAGS official website.


  • Hair-!lamb(Lamb Bellic)-Haze in Dark Blond @N21
  • Dress-Tee*fy(Azure Electricteeth)-Nadya @ N21
  • Bunny-.tsg.(Eilfie Sugarplum)-Lop Ear Bunnies-Pink RARE from TAG Gacha @ Mainstore
  • Heels–Reign(KenadeeCole)-Bootycall in Bubblegum @100 Block
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Hello gentle readers!.

Pose fair is finally here, an event I look forward to every year. As a blogger, we all know how important poses are, and I love stocking up new ones. If you haven’t been yet, hop to it!.


  • Hair-Little Bones(Nava Faerye) Fame @ Uber
  • Skin-Glam Affair(Aida Ewing)-Katra/Party04/Asia @ C88
  • Nails-TSG(Eilfie Sugarplum)-Moon Princess(Made to fit SLink Gesture hands)
  • Dress-Tee*fy(Azure Electricteeth)-Anouk T-Shirt in Mint @Uber
  • Heels-Reign(KenadeeCole)-Bootycall in Bubblegum @100 Block
  • Little Chi-Birdy(Tyr Rozenblum)-In a bag-Spot Black RARE @Chapter4

Poses: [KoKoLoReS](Leyla Flux)-1/3 Mirror/ {PM}(Jaay Tiratzo)Jizz 04 @ Pose Fair

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Bind Your Love: BOOM & Glam Affair

Hi there gentle readers.

Of all the clothing/accessory brands in Second Life, none have had such staying power as that of Aranel Ah’s BOOM Clothing for me. As long as I have been playing, BOOM has been a fixture in my wardrobe in many capacities ranging from adorable attachments, to sexy-sweet clothing. I have only positive things to say, especially about Aranel herself. Allot of SL designers have atrocious customer service, often blaming the customer rather than admitting any fault. Aranel is not one of those designers; she hasn’t lost sight of why she still creates, why she still stays. Plus her Tiffany color is on point #YassGawd

Glam Affair is another brand I have always loved and will always look to for perfect eyebrows, lipsticks and cheek shading.  It’s rare for me to say that I don’t look good is anything Aida creates. As a girl who has been lucky enough to work with Glam Affair on many occasions, it would be a lie to say I don’t miss having a more personal connection to the brand. No matter what may have been, I will always support Glam Affair whether by blog or simply purchasing a new release. Aida’s staying power is personified by her giving nature, honesty and reach for a higher standard among her skin creator counterparts. A change in station, shouldn’t be a change in affection.

Check out my look below.


  • Skin-Glam Affair(Aida Ewing)-Ellie in Asia 08 @ Uber
  • Dress-BOOM(Aranel Ah)-Cafe Bijou in Tiffany
  • Hair-Taketomi(Bella Earst)Athena in Light Blondes
  • Tattoos-.Things.(Nheria)-Arms-Shield Maiden(gacha)-Legs-Spectrum in Fresh @ The Fantasy Collective
  • Heels–Blah(Hoshi Kimono)-My Duper Pumps in Nude(I fucking love these)
  • Hands & Feet-SLink(Siddean Munro)-Casual and High
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Candy Fair 2014: BOOM & Pixi Cat

Hello there gentle readers!.

Candy Fair is opening tomorrow, October 3rd at 12 am SLT, and runs till October 17th. There will be two sims, Sugar Rush & Candywood for your browsing pleasure. In addition to the two sims and Gacha Candy Gardens, each store will have an exclusive Candy Fair only item(s).

BOOM has the awesome Candy Crusher weapons in the Gacha Gardens. You just wear all three items, Candy Crusher/sheathed/drawn/HUD & just click the button on the HUD you want to activate. When you use Bonk, if the person you are “bonking” has the HUD on, they take damage. After enough damage they fall to the ground in a candy coated defeat!. It costs 50L per play.

Pixi Cat has Crew Jacket in its store section & the Crew Amour in the Gacha Gardens. I played the amour first, so that I was sure to get a match with the jackets. Each jacket design has a corresponding  knee/elbow amour set. The jacket is 175 & the amour is 50L per play.

For everything you want or need to know, visit Candy Fair’s site.