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Genus Classic

After being a Catwa user for the past two years I’ve finally taken the plunge and purchased a Genus head. I decided on going with the Classic as it has the most supplier support from the brands I wear. The face is very beautiful and I was easily able to create “me”.

I did have slight issues with the eyes pointing downward and unlike my other brands like Catwa or Lelutka, positioning them to the correct place was difficult. After talking to a few other Genus users I found I wasn’t the only one with this issue. Most don’t even use the eyes that are included. I was finally able to figure out the HUD with Gogo’s help enough to get my eyes looking forward. I’m normally pretty simple with my mesh heads and I don’t use any of the mood animations, just a simple blink. With Genus however, I don’t even use that now. The ‘simple’ and ‘neutral’ blink animations roll their eyes up into your skull so I avoid them. Hopefully they will revamp them in the future to correct this.

Overall I love the high resolution that Genus offers and applier support is phenomenal so you don’t have to worry if your favorite skin store doesn’t carry anything for it. I’m definitely a Genus girl now. ♥

My outfit is the current new release from Blueberry, the Budgetberry Taylor Mega Pack. For a limited time you can purchase it for 950L, a complete steal of a deal! I’m normally a one color buyer, either pinks or nudes but I love the Budgetberry releases because I can fatpack and not feel guilty about it. They’re so affordable and I hope she will continue to release them and other brands will take notice and start doing something similar. Not everyone has 3-5k to spend on mega packs or fatpacks so thank you Blueberry, you’ve always been a favorite of mine but these have made me love you more.


  • Hair: Doux(David Cooper)-Mineko ♥NEW @ LEVEL
  • Skin: ItGirls(Annie Jolifaunt) Estelle in Tan
  • Head: Genus Project(GenusProject)-Classic
  • Body: Maitreya(Onyx LeShelle)
  • Lashes: Mai(Mai Bilavio)-Britney
  • Eyes: AG(Kendra Parfort)-Radiance Eyes Gacha – Genus – 08
  • Nails: e.marie(Emilianamarie) // Mix&Match Coffin – Gloss/Nudes


  • Top/Shorts/Belt/Shoes: Blueberry(Blueberryxx)-Taylor Budgetberry Megapack ♥NEW

Poses & Backdrop

  • Poses: La Baguette(Aristas)-Queen #2 & #6
  • Backdrop: BellePoses(BellePoses)-All You Need Is Love for 60L as part of the Happy Weekend Sale.
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Gacha Guardians 2017

Hello gentle readers! 2017 is right around the corner and I keep wondering where the year went. 

Gacha Guardians is now open! There are some BIG changes, so brace yourselves(in a good way). The even is no longer store to store, but at a set location, here. That means no more hoping around, just a one stop shop. You no longer have to collect runes in order to claim gifts of the exclusive items, plus there will now be two exclusive gifts per gacha machine. You will get one of them after 15 pulls from a machine, so you have a 50/50 shot at getting one of the two exclusives. I like those odds. 


Gos and Cae have joined creative forces to bring us the Jazz Pump gacha; a pointed pump by Gospel and glittering jewel adornments by Caelen.  There are 9 colors and two patterns to collect for the pointed pumps, of which the base is free, and appliers are what you are playing for from Gospel’s part in the machine. As you play for the colors/patterns, you’re also playing for the jewels Caelan created to accent these stunning pumps. There are 6 jewels to collect, one of which is RARE. I was only able to play a few times, which yielded two colors, Scarlet and Silver, as well as three of the jewels, Fleur Silver, StarryLight Blue and Ambrose. I’ll have to return to play it again, but for now, my poor purse has burst into flames(lol!). 


  Mini Report



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Strawberry Orange

Hello readers!.

Uber is back with a pop of color with its Neon theme. I love fun, flirty colors and this round gives me that plus some awesome 80’s realness.

Tres Blah was the first stop for me at Uber. I had seen her skater dress via flickr and was instantly in love. I decided to step out of my color comfort zone and purchase the Orange version. I thought I might regret it but thankfully it didn’t turn out that way.

I took another step out of my comfort zone for this hair from Chemistry, which is available at their mainstore. I am normally in either very long hair or shoulder length, but rarely hair this short. I decided to try out the demo for Min and was instantly sold. It fits perfectly with no alpha needed and side swept bangs are adorable.

 I am a HUGE Sailor Moon fan, so when I spotted a gacha key on a box at a yard-sale that featured my earrings as one of the rares, I had to have them! Thankfully a friend had both pairs and I quickly snatched them up. The other pair is named Black Sailor Kitty aka Luna and the ones im wearing for this look are White Sailor Kitty aka Artemis.

Candydoll was my next stop for her new Tricky heels. This was a normal purchase color as I wanted something to semi match my lipstick. I love the shape of these heels and the texturing is really superb.

Check my look out below!.


  • Hair-Chemistry(Kimberlee Miles)-Min HUD 1
  • Earrings-Noodles(Natalee Oodles)-White Sailor Kitty RARE
  • Dress-Tres Blah(Julliette Westerburg)-Cutout Skater in Orange @ Uber
  • Heels-Candydoll(Rebeca Dembo)-Tricky in Petals Neon @ Uber
  • Skin-Glam Affair(Aida Ewing)-Katra Asia Party 04
  • Nails-.tsg.(Eilfie Sugarplum)-Moon Princess, made for Gesture SLink Hands
  • Hands-SLink(Siddean Munro)-Gesture
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Hello gentle readers!.

Pose fair is finally here, an event I look forward to every year. As a blogger, we all know how important poses are, and I love stocking up new ones. If you haven’t been yet, hop to it!.


  • Hair-Little Bones(Nava Faerye) Fame @ Uber
  • Skin-Glam Affair(Aida Ewing)-Katra/Party04/Asia @ C88
  • Nails-TSG(Eilfie Sugarplum)-Moon Princess(Made to fit SLink Gesture hands)
  • Dress-Tee*fy(Azure Electricteeth)-Anouk T-Shirt in Mint @Uber
  • Heels-Reign(KenadeeCole)-Bootycall in Bubblegum @100 Block
  • Little Chi-Birdy(Tyr Rozenblum)-In a bag-Spot Black RARE @Chapter4

Poses: [KoKoLoReS](Leyla Flux)-1/3 Mirror/ {PM}(Jaay Tiratzo)Jizz 04 @ Pose Fair

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Bind Your Love: BOOM & Glam Affair

Hi there gentle readers.

Of all the clothing/accessory brands in Second Life, none have had such staying power as that of Aranel Ah’s BOOM Clothing for me. As long as I have been playing, BOOM has been a fixture in my wardrobe in many capacities ranging from adorable attachments, to sexy-sweet clothing. I have only positive things to say, especially about Aranel herself. Allot of SL designers have atrocious customer service, often blaming the customer rather than admitting any fault. Aranel is not one of those designers; she hasn’t lost sight of why she still creates, why she still stays. Plus her Tiffany color is on point #YassGawd

Glam Affair is another brand I have always loved and will always look to for perfect eyebrows, lipsticks and cheek shading.  It’s rare for me to say that I don’t look good is anything Aida creates. As a girl who has been lucky enough to work with Glam Affair on many occasions, it would be a lie to say I don’t miss having a more personal connection to the brand. No matter what may have been, I will always support Glam Affair whether by blog or simply purchasing a new release. Aida’s staying power is personified by her giving nature, honesty and reach for a higher standard among her skin creator counterparts. A change in station, shouldn’t be a change in affection.

Check out my look below.


  • Skin-Glam Affair(Aida Ewing)-Ellie in Asia 08 @ Uber
  • Dress-BOOM(Aranel Ah)-Cafe Bijou in Tiffany
  • Hair-Taketomi(Bella Earst)Athena in Light Blondes
  • Tattoos-.Things.(Nheria)-Arms-Shield Maiden(gacha)-Legs-Spectrum in Fresh @ The Fantasy Collective
  • Heels–Blah(Hoshi Kimono)-My Duper Pumps in Nude(I fucking love these)
  • Hands & Feet-SLink(Siddean Munro)-Casual and High
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My Attic: Baiastice

Hello gentle readers!.

My Attic has a new round starting on the 21st and ending on the 30th of January. Baiastice is participating with the gorgeous Sonia dress which comes in 12 stunning colors. I just cant take it off!

I’m still trying to perfect this new technique im using for my photos now. Not happy with it yet but im trying to get better each time I use it.


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OMG! Unicorns-Collabor88 January

I wanted to start this post off by giving a big wave to anyone reading and also mention that im trying a new blog technique and would love some feedback on how my photos look currently. It would be much appreciated.

If theres one thing I know, its that you can never have enough Unicorn themed items in your inventory and thanks to Collabor88’s new round, you can have even more. This is their best round yet, at least for me anyhow.

If its Pixi Cat and pink (for events or their main store) I have to have it. Their unicorn dress and heels were no exception. Of all the shoes at the current round, these were the only ones that really stood out for me, beckoning me to purchase them. If these were real, they would probably weigh 10lbs each, ha.

Im swooning over how adorable Tableau Vivant’s Celestia hair is. Its the perfect length and im very impressed with how well their hair is progressing, particularly with their hair textures. They are more rich and shiny than they used to be, and im wanting to wear their hair creations more often. Plus im sure we can all guess who the hair is named after which makes me love it a million times more.

BOOM’s Chibi Alicorn backpack was one of the first things I went to C88 for after seeing Ara post the vendor snaps on Plurk. I can’t properly express how much I fucking love this backpack. It completes my soul. #YASSSSSS

Check everything out below


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Collabor 88 August: Magika, Hucci & Tee*fy

Greetings again gentle readers.

Collabor88 is a few days into its August round, whose theme is Odyssey. In this post im showing off a few of my favorites for this current round.

The Aphrodite dress from Tee*fy was a definite home run in my book; it fit perfectly and honestly its my favorite dress to wear right now.

Magika has not participated in an event in over two years but has come back strong with Harmony. The hair also includes an optional forehead braid that’s resizable .

Hucci’s Naxos sandals are gorgeous!. There are silver or gold versions for purchase and I went with silver as I am more fond of it than gold.

Check Magika, Tee*fy & Hucci out below!.


  • Hair-Magika(Sabina Gully)-Harmony-Color Pack 03 @ Collabor88
  • Dress-Tee*fy(Azure Electricteeth)-Aphrodite in pink @ Collabor88
  • Sandals-Hucci(Eboni Khan)-Naxos in Nude @ Collabor88
  • Skin-Pink Fuel(Mochi Milena)-Harley with Shimmer Eyeshadow Light Smoke + Wing (monolid) & Lipstick Barbie Pink
  • Eyes-{SONG}(Funeral Plutonian)-Frost-Aqua
  • Feet-SLink(Siddean Munro)-High
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MSO: SYSY & Bliensen + MaiTai

Greeting again gentle readers.

SYSY & Bliensen + MaiTai are participating in the first round of My SLink Obsession with some gorgeous heels for SLink High feet(my favorite).

SYSY’s MSO offering is the Tied Up heels. There are 6 colors in total.

Bliensen + MaiTai have the Lucy Leave heels for their MSO offering. There are 5 colors plus the same colors with a checkered heel.

For everything you want or need to know check out MSO’s site.


  • Heels-SYSY(SySy Chapman)-Tied up/Bliensen + MaiTai(Plurabelle Laszlo)-Lucy Leave @ My SLink Obsession on August 5th
  • Feet-SLink(Siddean Munro)-High
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Collabor88 ‘Safari Chic’ July : R2, Emery, Celoe, Zenith & Tres Blah

Hi there gentle readers.

Collabor88’s Safari Chic round has probably been one of my favorite ones thus far, and for this post im sharing some of my favorites.

❤ ❤ ❤

R2’s see through dress is super sexy. I’m not sure what kind of Safari this works for, but there may be porn involved.

Emery’s Kenya is simple yet classy. For sure something I will wear non stop when I just wanna do it simple.

Celoe’s Kenya dress is another belted favorite of this round. I am living for the Safari realness.

Zenith’s Bohemian Summer dress is one of my absolute favorites in the long dress department. There is a HUD to change the flower color and leaves.

Tres Blah is my absolute favorite for total outfit appeal. Everything about this look is magical. There is a HUD for the shirt to change the textures & make it invisible for the open shirt option. I’m ready to hit the desert and glamp it up.


Outfit 1

  • Hair-Moon(Silent Acoustic)-Sinner-Ombre Blondes
  • Dress-R2(Rei2 Aya)-Taoya in Gold B & White @ Collabor88

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

  • Hair-Exile(Kavar Cleanslate)-West Coast
  • Dress-Celoe(Jadenart)-Kenya in Mongoose & Valencia @ Collabor88

Outfit 4

Outfit 5