Secrets make you sick

Hello gentle readers. This post won’t be on fashion, but on being part of the SLSecrets Week #422. There’s a few things I would like to address in this post, so please, bear with me.

The first thing I would like to say, is you’re right; I put my cart before my horse. I got caught up in all the favorites I was receiving on my Flickr page and it built up my confidence to where I wanted to expand, to be able to provide a photography service. What you do not have right however, is why. In the Pile Up groups all over flickr, I can only do so much to expand my experiences and working with clients gives me more of the interaction I crave. You see, I can pile up a million photos, but without actual experience in delivering what somebody really wants, im just doing the same old thing, over and over.  I never once claimed to be amazing, spectacular, terrific or even good. I think im “ok” and im still learning. We all start somewhere, this is where im starting. You’re not wrong, I need more experience, and for me, thats learning it MY way, not on somebody elses work that they teach you and you regurgitate. What’s wrong with just being supportive that this is my journey and not yours? 

If you really felt that I needed more paintshop skills, why not just tell me? Its not an opinion that I don’t share. I’m not running around with SL Photographer listed above my head and claiming to be the very best out there. So why make a SLSecret about it?. Do you really need to drag a bitch?. Unless your goal wasn’t to provide anything constructive, but to simply deconstruct, humiliate and degrade me. I’m not a child, I can handle constructive criticism and concern but what I can not handle however, is a coward. Yes you are a coward. You attack me through a website I haven’t visited in years, that protects the person who wants to spread vile, nasty things about others and for that, you forfeit any decency I could see in you as a human being. I had to be told by a total stranger through Flickr about the post. Man was that a wonderful feeling reading that!. Made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. 

I especially LOVED reading the few comments directed towards me. None of you, have ever said anything to me about it and if its so important to mention it there, why not mention it to me? Is it because that makes you look bad?. Guess so. If you look through my Flickr stream, you would see I have never over edited a fashion post, skin review, anything. I would never do that as it goes against my blogging philosophy. Adding in that filter over top my last post(Bubble Pop) was hard enough to convince myself to do. Constructive criticism is one thing, but when you have such a strong opinion and chose to air it to a site like SLSecrets, instead of to that person, you are a coward also. If it means that much to you, message me and lets talk about it like adults, until then, keep your petulant mouths shut.

Finally, to the person that posted it, who are you?. Not a dig, just a simple question. You know who I am but I have no idea who you are. You chose to hide your identity. Why? Do I know you? Have we spoken? If you really felt this way, telling me wouldn’t have been as hurtful or cruel as posting a SLSecret about me. I invite you to talk to me on SL, person to person to actually discuss it. No tricks, I just don’t understand how your opinion could be that strong and you have no interest in actually talking to me about it. I’m sure you don’t care about my rebuttal, or my feelings, which is your privilege, but you should know I do not stay quiet. You had your turn to speak, here is mine. 

For those of you who don’t know me, I invite you to. My Plurk, Twitter or in SL. I’m actually a bomb ass person who never attacks people I do not know, who keeps to themselves and just wants to have a damn good time in my virtual world. I’ll be 8 years old on SL this October, yet, things like this still get to me. Does dragging a person really make you feel better? I can’t imagine it could. This is the last time I will speak on this publicly, but I welcome the poster of the Secret to speak to me personally and all those who had such strong views in the comments. Get to know me, before you drag me. 


2 thoughts on “Secrets make you sick

  1. Gia Swizzle says:

    What a powerful piece of work I just read! I couldn’t help but want to hug you and say that it will be okay!
    It sucks that happened to you and know that we all have things “that we need to work on”, but then again, do we?
    There are soooo many photographers and Bloggers in the virtual world of SL and at times it feels that I can not even keep up. There have been many times I sit back and remember why I do this hobby…… because I like it and I do it for me, ya know?
    Keep your head up girlie! Do what ya do and try to not to get caught up in what others think, although I know it can be hard.
    Much love to ya! ❤️


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