Censored question.

Hello gentle readers. 

Its been awhile since I updated my blog. The focus of my bloggage this year may be vastly different than what my readers are used to(all 5 of you). I’m tackling different issues, topics about Second Life. In this post, lets talk about, The Shops.

We all know the brand; it popped up a few years ago and the first ever skin I purchased there, which was so long ago, I can’t even remember her name. I was smitten with them. The textures were ultra realistic and highly defined. Great care and expertise went into making them and I appreciated that. Over the new few years I accumulated nearly every one of their female release skins and a few of their male ones. I purchased many different makeup additions for each. I spent my coins henny, happily. 

After awhile, mesh body parts started to surface; SLink hands & feet. I was so hesitant of them, I wouldn’t even try the demo. Crazy to think, right?. I finally got the SLink hands to review and fell in love. I couldn’t go back to stock hands or feet. There was an issue though; nobody was making appliers at the present time for them, as well, they were new. When it finally started to happen, I was looking for the shops to release and they never did. Months went by and even though many places were doing appliers, nothing ever came from the shops. They were asked relentlessly by fans of the brand when they would make them. They released a statement saying it was to complicated to do it at that time but maybe in the future. That was awhile back, as in years back. I always say, asking never hurt anybody, so why not, you know, ask?.

I’ve been missing my shops skin Deja, but I just can’t wear her without my Maitreya body, hands and feet. I don’t like the secondhand matching because their textures are so realistic, it looks blurry. I decided to ask on their facebook page, under my real name, about appliers today. They deleted it. I was a bit confused, because at first I thought maybe it goes into a que for approval or something like that, but I soon realized it doesn’t. Being me, I reposted it, mentioning that they had deleted it. What did they do this time you ask? Deleted it again. So I posted a simple, ‘when are new skins coming out’ question under my SL name & surprise, its still there. It even got a response; gasp. Yes, to that lame question they kept it on their page and responded. 

Why am I posting all of this? Because horrible customer service, virtual or not, should never be allowed a pass. I don’t care if that question is asked a million times on a daily basis, you still answer or have it under your F.A.Q page(which they don’t and its why I asked). That fact that this brand is so unwilling to create appliers for other brands body parts, bodies is baffling to me. Even Onyx LeShelle has it to where her body is compatible with SLink body parts. You may say that, well, they let other skin makers make appliers for their heads. Yes, their, heads. They do not create for anybody elses. They said it would be to much work and to complicated to make appliers for everyone else’s body parts. So other brands, such as Pink Fuel, who has a large volume of skin tones, who even just updated her body textures, subsequently updated ALL of her appliers, can still make appliers for every body, body part out there, but the shops can’t?. They can, they just don’t want to see other brands gain money when they have their own body, which they are currently working on providing the kits to designers to make fitted mesh clothing for their body, like a year plus after its release. They’ve never before allowed anybody else to create clothing that would fit their body, so they could sell their own clothing to keep their money in-house so to speak. How many stores make clothing for SLink Physique, Maitreya Lara?. Have you seen any of them making TMP clothing?. I haven’t. To be honest, their body is okay, so are their hands and feet. I even reviewed them. However, to continue using their skins, I would have to ditch all of my current clothing favorites, which are made for the Maitreya Lara body, and my shoes. Thats insane. How many of us can’t wear our shops skins anymore because of this? I know quite a few people. I’ve trashed all of my Shops skins, makeup, the lot of it. A brand with its head up its own ass this far, isn’t worth my coins. I’m just sad I didn’t realize how horrible they were as human beings earlier. Greed NEVER pays off. You may have some die hards that will stay with you, but this girl won’t. Id rather trash your items, then my clothing, shoes, accessories I purchased for my other two bodies. Which is exactly what this brand expects for you to do. Drop all of that, to come to their TMP items. Nope.

I don’t care about backlash or banning. I have no more plans to shop this brand anymore. My reason for posting this is not to urge others to drop them but to look into who they really are. A simple question about appliers is deleted, twice but why? I’m sorry, its not that complicated to do it. Think about it, cause i’m done. xx



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