Bunny Girl

Hello readers!. 2015 has been a pretty good year so far, lets hope it stays that way.

TAG gacha was a gacha event that I thought I would skip over, simply because(even though I was told last year that I did it) I was so confused as to how it worked. Thankfully I was not alone in the confusion, as others were having similar issues as I was. Ill break it down for you, from doing it with the help of my friend Eppy.

The first thing that you should know, is that TAG is a HUD based event; meaning you have to have the HUD on to proceed through each store. It starts out at Gachatopia, where you grab the HUD, attach it and you get asked for permissions, just accept them. You will notice the HUD has empty slots, you get those filled in as you visit each location where you find a banner near the machine and click it to unlock that store on your HUD. The HUD automatically teleports you to each location when you hit spin. Once the slots are all filled in(aka stores unlocked) you are able to visit the bonus room which houses apple fall, atomic, !dM just to name a few. You have to wear your fully unlocked HUD to play these games, or your L’s get refunded. If you’re like me, you are probably asking yourself why you would even have to do all this to get a bonus room. The answer is simple; it keeps people from skipping stores they may not have thought twice about going to. Im guilty of this as I was only set on getting a few things from certain stores, but because I had to unlock all the locations, I found that I wanted allot more then what I thought I would previously. TAG gacha is worth all the “work”. For more information, visit TAGS official website.


  • Hair-!lamb(Lamb Bellic)-Haze in Dark Blond @N21
  • Dress-Tee*fy(Azure Electricteeth)-Nadya @ N21
  • Bunny-.tsg.(Eilfie Sugarplum)-Lop Ear Bunnies-Pink RARE from TAG Gacha @ Mainstore
  • Heels–Reign(KenadeeCole)-Bootycall in Bubblegum @100 Block

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