The girl in the flower dress

Hello gentle readers!.

I am kicking off 2015 by finally adding some new shapes to my store, Likami!. Its been ages since ive released but I figured why not!. I’ll be covering lots of different skin brands, giving you great faces that fit perfectly into them. I know there are lots of mesh heads out there, but there are still plenty of folks opting to keep their face original and going for the mesh body. To keep my prices low, I am only doing the faces of my new line of shapes, which will all come in copy, modify, no transfer to give you more savings and more control over how your body will look. Faces are the main reason people buy shapes and with them being fully modify right out the gate, you get a great deal for only 150L!. The body starts out at an XXS size to give you the ability to go up or down as your chose fit for your look. Feedback on this new line is welcome!.

Atomic is in the new round of No21 with the Rosey Posey sweater dress and I can’t tell you how much I am in love with it!. For 250L you get three color variations, depending on the pack you purchase. For this post im using the pack1 which has the gorgeous pink color im wearing. I’ve always been a flower print kind of girl so this was a no brain required purchase.



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