Pixel Mode for TLC & Shiny Shabby February

Hello gentle readers!. One of the things I wanted to accomplish in 2015 is doing more furniture, decoration blogs. I’d love feedback on them so that I can grow and make them better.

Pixel Mode is part of The Liaison Collaborative with the Victoria Bed & Side Table; the bed comes in PG & Adult with 15 single, 18 couple and 25 adult animations. The bed is breathtaking!. I’m a flower print kind of girl and the colors Tya chose for it just sings to me. The side table is chic and simple, contrasting perfectly to the beds vintage feel. The Hutch, Side Board, Bird Cage & Chandelier are part of the Victoria 2 set coming to Shiny Shabby on February 20th. You don’t want to miss completing this set.

Check everything out below!.


  • Bed & Side Table-Pixel Mode(Tya Fallingbridge)-Victoria @ TLC
  • Side Board, Hutch, Bird Cage, Chandelier-Pixel Mode(Tya Fallingbridge)-Victoria 2 Coming soon to Shiny Shabby 

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