Fiore Toni

Hi gentle readers! This will be a lengthy post due to photos and writing.

Fiore has finally released its much anticipated mesh head Toni. As many of you may remember from purchasing Sanya’s first public mesh head releases, Jasmine and Natasha, the original plan was that everyone who purchased them would get their updated versions at a later date for free. As one of the many people who purchased both heads(only the V1 of Jasmine) for specifically this reason, I was incredibly let down when Sanya posted to flickr(which has been removed since) that they were no longer going to be sending out updates for those heads. Not to mention the extremely long space of time in between the releases of Jasmine & Natasha to Toni’s current release date, in which there was virtually no communication from Sanya to the customers that were asking for the date of release on updates for the heads. I get it, Real Life happens and you just can’t do what you were setting out to do and thats okay(No T, No Shade). After purchasing Toni, I completely understand why she didn’t because Toni is a completely new mesh product, which isn’t like what Natasha or Jasmine were made from. Their rigging is so different that if Sanya was going to send out updates for them, with her new mesh system in place, it would be a completely new head. There’s just no way you can fault her for that. To make up for not releasing updates for those heads, Toni is a special discounted price till the 5th of January.

Toni has three versions; Angelic, Contoured and Soft. I chose the soft in SPF20 due to the fact I loved her nude makeup look and the gorgeous honey glow the SPF20 has to it. Unlike her predecessors, Toni only has two heads in the pack, blink and non blink. Your eyelashes also move when you blink, which shouldn’t be that amazing but I spent 20 solid minutes watching my avatar do just that, blink. The eyes are no longer separate from the head, so you really just have to wear the version you want and pop on the hud to customize it.

The HUD for Toni is incredibly easy to use and comes in two screen sizes, small and large. Toni has an impressive amount of current features, with the promise of more feature pack add ons(which will be sold separately) coming in the near future to give more customization. The only thing I would say is it feels cluttered but with all Toni’s options its a given.

 There are 8 emotes total for Toni: Base, Smile, Smirk, Mad, Open, Bite, Kissy and Wide Open. The open mouth emotes now include teeth, Jasmine and Natasha didn’t include them. My favorites from the emote list would be Base, Open and Smile. The others just didn’t appeal to me as much.

I’ve seen many people harping about how Toni looks ‘old’ and my reply would be “Do you want to look 14 forever?”. I have always had an older face with my skins; somewhere in the ballpark of late twenties, early 30’s. I myself am 26 in RL, so looking like a high schooler isn’t my thing anymore. Toni herself looks around late 20’s to me which is something I appreciate from Sanya. In SL(just like RL) our virtual world flocks to youthful looks as opposed to older ones and Sanya provides an in between for those of us who don’t want to look like a tween or spinster.

For those of you who are worried about customization, there will be add on packs in the future which can contain anything from noses, to lips, to eyes(you get the idea). This will provide more of a solution for those who feel that mesh heads are lacking in how much you can truly customize them. Short of buying a personally crafted head from Sanya(which I will one day have *evil laugh*) you are limited to how much you can truly set yourself apart from the person wearing it beside you. Part of what I love though is camming around to the side and seeing a nice smooth, 3D face, instead of a flat nose and bulging lips. For those who are new to mesh heads, Fiore is a brilliant place to start. The pack includes SLink Hands, Feet, Physique appliers, Maitreya Lara applier and Mesh Project applier. Its also important to note that Fiore Mesh heads are not applier based, meaning you can’t apply another skin texture to it.

Like I mentioned above, Toni is at a special discounted price but only till the 5th of January. Her price tag is currently 2,900L, which is a steal!. Don’t miss out on this discounted price, you will regret it!.


  • Head-Fiore(Sanya Bilavio)-Toni in SPF20 NEW
  • Hairs-Exile(Kavar Cleanslate)-Chic Librarian & Tea Time for Enchantment NEW
  • Body-SLink(Siddean Munro)-Physique V1.3

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