OMG! Unicorns-Collabor88 January

I wanted to start this post off by giving a big wave to anyone reading and also mention that im trying a new blog technique and would love some feedback on how my photos look currently. It would be much appreciated.

If theres one thing I know, its that you can never have enough Unicorn themed items in your inventory and thanks to Collabor88’s new round, you can have even more. This is their best round yet, at least for me anyhow.

If its Pixi Cat and pink (for events or their main store) I have to have it. Their unicorn dress and heels were no exception. Of all the shoes at the current round, these were the only ones that really stood out for me, beckoning me to purchase them. If these were real, they would probably weigh 10lbs each, ha.

Im swooning over how adorable Tableau Vivant’s Celestia hair is. Its the perfect length and im very impressed with how well their hair is progressing, particularly with their hair textures. They are more rich and shiny than they used to be, and im wanting to wear their hair creations more often. Plus im sure we can all guess who the hair is named after which makes me love it a million times more.

BOOM’s Chibi Alicorn backpack was one of the first things I went to C88 for after seeing Ara post the vendor snaps on Plurk. I can’t properly express how much I fucking love this backpack. It completes my soul. #YASSSSSS

Check everything out below



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