Uber-January-Opulence: Baiastice

Howdy everyone!. 2015 is finally here and this will be my first blog post of the new year.

I wanted to say something before I start the proper bloggage. I did let my website domain name revert back to its original name of Mimosa Heats @ wordpress. I wasn’t blogging enough to justify paying for another year and I kind of like its name so for now I will keep it as is. Just clearing it up in case anybody was confused about the domain name.

Uber’s January theme is opulence; a theme I personally have been wanting to see. I like allot of what I saw for the round, but Baiastice really took it home for me with their Mida dress which has 12 versions all together, 6 glitters and 6 colors. My personal favorite was the white as the gold chain really popped with it. I normally detest the sight of gold, but Sissy always seems to win me over when she does it. She’s got the mida touch. Take a look below.


  • Dress-Baiastice(Sissy Pessoa)-Mida in Iceberg @ Uber
  • Hair-Magika(Sabina Gully)-You
  • Skin-Pink Fuel(Mochi Milena)-Doll V2 Crystal
  • Heels-Blah(Hoshi Kimono)-My Duper Pumps-Salmon
  • Hands & Feet-SLink(Siddean Munro)-Elegant 1 & High


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