The Death Meme

Hi gentle readers!. This blog post will be a Death Meme created by Strawberry Singh. Happy birthday ❤

1. Do you ever think about dying? How do you expect you’ll die? 

I do think about it often(literally every day) and I honestly don’t know. Knowing me, i’ll lose balance & fall off a building and it will take forever to fall.

2. Do you believe in an afterlife? If so, how do you visualize it?

I do & don’t. I just picture it as a deep sleep, a darkness filled with peace with no form, no pain, no anger or fear. The typical ‘heaven’ dimension that many refer to doesn’t exist in my mind. I don’t think there’s a place where people are just waiting for you to croak so they can see you again. I do however believe in rebirth but thats another topic.

3. What is your preferred form of apocalypse and why?

I would much rather there not be an apocalypse but if I had to choose I would say a Night Of The Comet one. Its zombies but theres only a few of them, everyone else is dust. Which means you can loot any store you like and not get eaten.

4. How many times have you cheated death so far?

Several. Many by my own doing either by a bad choice or suicide attempt.

5. Which fictional villain would you be okay being killed by?

The Beldam. If you know from where this is from you get a cookie.

6. If you’re murdered, do you stay and haunt the culprits forever or do you give up that opportunity to leave and go to heaven/hell/Cancun?

Well since I don’t believe in heaven/hell, I would just haunt them forever but not the typical way. I would just hide their toothbrushes, cell phones, keys, you know anything to really fuck up their day.

7. Will you have done everything you have wanted by the time you die?

 Life has no guarantees, so you never know. I hope so though.

Photography Credits

First photo by Ponyo Kozlov 

Second Photo by Nαtzukα Miliandrovic


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