Prue’s View-Skin Fair-League

Hi there gentle readers.

League’s Skin Fair creation this year is Erin; a stunning beauty with soft, sensual eye shadows and kissable matte lips. The Fat pack includes two eyebrow tattoos for Auburn & Black, two chest dehancers, 1 chest enhancer, Freckles, Hair base, Pubic hair and seven tintable lipsticks which I have worn throughout the photos. Skin Fair opens on the 14th of March and runs till the 30th. Check out Erin below!.


  • Skin-League(Nena Janus)-Erin in Pale Fatpack @ Skin Fair Slurl coming soon
  • Eyeliners-League(Nena Janus)-Wing Eyeliners & Avatar Lash Hider-Gift @Skin Fair Slurl coming soon
  • Hairs-Exile(Kavar Cleanslate)-Perfect Promise in Frenzy & Daydream in Hearth
  • Bra-Mon Tissu(Anouk Spot)-Blushing(free gift for group members)

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