Its my Rezz Day!

Hi ya’ll!.

Today marks my 5th year in Second Life. It’s one of those bittersweet moments where you look back on your journey and realize who and what you’ve lost along the way but also feel a sense of accomplishment. I’ve made it to the top of the mountain, now its time to find another to climb.

CandyDoll’s Amerie heels are incredibly cute & fun. There are so many colors and patterns to chose from(took me about 15 minutes to pick one) but I finally decided upon Cherry. I don’t normally go for anything red though lately i’ve been drawn more and more to it. Check the  Amerie heels out after the jump!.


  • Hair-Liquence(Villena Swansen)-F3 in Natural Fades
  • Skin-Glam Affair(Aida Ewing)-Vera in Europa 08/Eyebrow F
  • Hands-Slink(Siddean Munro)-Elegant1
  • Nail Polish-Action(Marilynmonroe Munro)-Essentials-Perfect Stardust
  • Shirt-tb(Julliette Westerburg)-Cropped Tee-Cross
  • Pants-[Pumpkin](Yukio Osei)-From Night Set
  • Heels-CandyDoll(Rebeca Dembo)-Amerie in Cherry

*Poses featured are from Purple Poses


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