Exile for The Arcade & FaMESHed!

Hi yall!. Let’s get a post-in!.

The Arcade is almost back again, opening(or perhaps a better term would be “incredibly full”) on September 1st. I always look forward to this event in particular, as somebody we all really loved, who is no longer with us, really enjoyed attending it(and buying everything in sight). I see it coming in the distance, and I smile.  This ones to you good buddy.

Exiles Arcade hair, Just a Reason, is a dosey!. I’m always a big fan of side swept hair, especially when it has some curl to it. There are 15 in total with 5 Rares to be had. These rare huds are Pastels, Natural Fusion 1 & 2 and Wild Fusion 1 & 2. Each play is 100L & as always, there will be a demo available.

Also from Exile comes, Where We Belong, a pull to the side pony with a braided knot. I can never, ever have enough hairs like this and Kavar never lets me down when he releases these gems. You can pick up, Where We Belong(also on September 1st) when FaMESHed opens.

I’ve become a little obsessed with finding nail addons for my Slink hands; an obsession Action keeps on feeding!. I love these Sweet Tooth nails that have Ice Cream, Truffle & Cupcake options. Yum!.

Get the Look:

  • Hair(s)-Exile(Kavar Cleanslate)-Just A Reason in Prism(Rare) @ The Arcade & Where We Belong in Pink Bubbles @ FaMESHed both releasing on September 1st.
  • Skin-Glam Affair(Aida Ewing)-Katya in Europa 06
  • Bra Set-[R3](R3volt)-Cady Studded Set [V3]
  • Hands-Slink(Siddean Munro)-Flat Hands with Pointed Nails
  • Nails-Action(Marilynmunro Munro)-Sweet Tooth

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