Moon, Prism, Power!

Performing Heart Spiral(last sequence)

I have been searching tirelessly for years on SecondLife for a halfway decent cosplay Sailor Moon ensemble. So when I saw FATEplay’s Rena collection, I did what any Sailor Moon fan would, SPAZZED OUT. It’s pure perfection. Finally a stunning Sailor suit that I could be proud of wearing & its mesh?! Signed up faster than Kim K sold her hole sole for fame.

Now depending on which Sailor you’re wanting to emulate(I used to pretend to be Mercury on the playground at school, id lay flat on my chest on the swing seat, spin around till the lines were taught, and with my hands across my chest egyptian style, id lift my legs and yell out “Mercury Bubbles…..BLAST!”) you’ll need hair and accessories to go with it(which is like all of them lol). Thankfully thats where the collaboration between taketomi & Essences comes in. I had remembered seeing Sailor Moon themed hairs at the Essences mainstore awhile back, so after I purchased Rena, I went back to look. I found the gorgeous hairs of Ami, Lita, Mina, Rei, Serena & Darien. I purchased the Serena(Usagi) hair, which comes with 6 eye colors for various Scouts, 7 Sailor lipsticks, 2 skin tones, 7 hair colors & Sailor Visor. Now I never name prices in my blog posts, just a personal preference, but this time I have to mention it. For all of the things I listed above, you get it all for 350L. Considering thats the price of one hair at certain places, its a great value. I will also note that I only used the hair & Sailor Visor from my Usagi pack as I already had the skin & eyes planned out ahead of time.

Get The Look:

  • Hair-[taketomi x Essences](Bella Earst & Inka Mexicola)-Usagi_Essentials @ this location
  • Costume-FATEplay(Damien Fate)-Rena-Love
  • Hands-Slink(Siddean Munro)-Relaxed with short nails & PF Applier.
  • Nails-Action(MArilynmonroe munro)-Slink Nail Essentails V2
  • Skin-PF(Mochi Millena)-Harley In Vanilla with Button Nose, Pink Blush, Shimmer Eyeshadow Pearl & Sheer Gloss Pink


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