It Was All A Dream

Hi ya’ll!. 

I wanted to start off the post by thanking everyone who helped me with my picture settings from Plurk. Still tweaking, learning & hopefully getting much better with my photo quality. 

I have to admit I get ridiculously excited when I see a new hair store, especially when the hair is as amazing as Liquences. The WAVE of it all!.

 One of my good friends directed me to Overhigh, a clothing brand I had not yet discovered on my own. I really do like this dress, the color and texture is very well done. Always nice to see a mesh item with some curves!.

Get The Look

  • Hair-Liquence(Villena Swansen)-F2 in Color Ombres. 
  • Skin-Vive9(Sanya Bilavio)-Estelle SPF202
  • Lipstick-[PF](Mochi Milena)-Glossy Pout Lipstick <50% Opacity> – Milkshake
  • Dress-Overhigh(Marry Lemur)-Basic Dress in Blue
  • Heels-Mstyle(Mikee Mokeev)-ANI Pumps in Pink

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