LOGO Chloe Update; New HUD Options!.

Logo has issued a new updated HUD for the Chloe Mesh Avatar, that im thrilled about. There are 15 eye expression and 42 hair bases  an option I was hoping for in the original release, but so happy they updated it. 

I’ve grown overly attached to this Mesh head. I know there are people out there that say everyone with it looks alike, but I disagree. I have been in a room with other ladies wearing it, and we look nothing alike, simply because we are different personalities  I really feel the Mesh Heads take on the personality of the person wearing them, therefore, when you look at the person wearing it, you still recognize them for them. If that makes any sense at all?. (lol).

I think I have decided to go brunette for awhile, as I have bounced back and forth between blond and red for a few years. It will be a big change for me. To go with the darker locks, my skin tone has also darkened. Only time will tell if the changes stick. BAM!.

Get In My Purse

  • Avatar-LOGO(Maximillion Grant)-Chloe
  • Hair(s)-TRUTH(Truth Hawks)-Jade & Nyx in Toast/Lelutka(Thora Charron)-Effect, Electra and Elle in Praline.
  • Corset-Celoe(Jaden Celoe)-Clara Corset-Hush

One thought on “LOGO Chloe Update; New HUD Options!.

  1. The Blogging Elf says:

    I honestly do think the ones wearing the head all look the same. :/ Most people can tell right away “Oh It’s a Chloe-clone.” A bit of change in make up/facial expression doesn’t change the actual features enough imho. Meanwhile with an actual skin, you can totally look different by simply having a different shape. One and the same skin can look completely different on two avis. A Chloe head always has the same face.

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