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Don’t Start Now

Hello out there in blog land.

A new round of Collabor88 has begun and the theme for this current round is “in the nudes”. Pixicat is participating with the Maya set that I couldn’t resist picking up. With so many color and pattern options it was difficult to pick but I decided on the camo print. I paired it with this layered necklace from LaGyo from her Mya collection at C88 also.


  • Hair: Stealthic(Hunter)-Brink in Browns
  • Skin: ItGirls(Annie Jolifaunt)- Kadija in Tan
  • Head: Genus(GenusProject)- Classic W001
  • Eyes: AG(Kendra Parfort)- Lit Eyes Gacha – Genus – 08
  • Lashes: Mai(Mai Bilavio)- Opulence Collection 6 (GENUS) NEW @ C88
  • Body: Maitreya(Onyx LeShelle)


  • Necklaces: LaGyo(Gyorgyna Larnia)-Mya NEW @ C88
  • Ring: Yummy(Polyester Partridge)-Diamond Solitaire Ring – Silver – Maitreya


  • Top & Skirt: Pixicat(areve)-Maya in Camo NEW @ C88
  • Heels: Garbaggio(Ashleey Andrew)-Susan in Nude
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Back To Me

Hello again.

Before I start this post I want to say that I hope you’re all well and handling quarantine the best you can. Covid-19 is serious and scary but it will not last forever. Stay home and stay safe! We will overcome this. Brighter days are coming.

As you may notice things are a little bare around here as I have cleaned house of my old posts except of a few more recent ones. Some of which dated back to 2012. It wasn’t an easy decision but one that I felt needed to be made. I haven’t blogged consistently over the last two years and the spacing between them bugged me and allot of the photos had broken links(I link through Flickr and with the photo limit restrictions I over deleted). I am hoping to have a new computer sometime in the near future so my photo quality will be where I want it. That’s really whats held me back from blogging, being able to provide the best quality while creating interesting and diverse photography. There are so many talented bloggers out there with amazing photography skills and it translates to their photos beautifully. I’ve been a blogger since 2010 and I know you shouldn’t compare yourself to others, but its hard when you feel like you’re taking the same picture over and over again for years. I’ve been in a rut and hopefully that will change once I get a new PC. Fingers crossed in the next month or two.

Photo # 1


  • Hair: Doux(David Cooper)-Tainy NEW @ Mainstore
  • Skin: ItGirls(Annie Jolifaunt)- Kadija in Tan
  • Head: Genus(GenusProject)- Classic W001
  • Eyes: AG(Kendra Parfort)- Lit Eyes Gacha – Genus – 08
  • Body: Maitreya(Onyx LeShelle)


  • Blazer: Coco(Cocoro Lemon)-RollUpSleevesBlazer_FloralBlack @ Uber

Photo #2


  • Hair: Doux(David Cooper)-Bianca NEW @ Tres Chic
  • Skin: ItGirls(Annie Jolifaunt)-Kadija in Tan
  • Head: Genus(GenusProject)-Classic W001
  • Eyes: AG(Kendra Parfort)-Lit Eyes Gacha – Genus – 08
  • Body: Maitreya(Onyx LeShelle)


  • Dress: Rowne(Fashionboi Landar)-Organza in Lilac NEW @ Uber
  • Heels: Rowne(Fashionboi Landar)-Mei in Nude
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Genus Classic

After being a Catwa user for the past two years I’ve finally taken the plunge and purchased a Genus head. I decided on going with the Classic as it has the most supplier support from the brands I wear. The face is very beautiful and I was easily able to create “me”.

I did have slight issues with the eyes pointing downward and unlike my other brands like Catwa or Lelutka, positioning them to the correct place was difficult. After talking to a few other Genus users I found I wasn’t the only one with this issue. Most don’t even use the eyes that are included. I was finally able to figure out the HUD with Gogo’s help enough to get my eyes looking forward. I’m normally pretty simple with my mesh heads and I don’t use any of the mood animations, just a simple blink. With Genus however, I don’t even use that now. The ‘simple’ and ‘neutral’ blink animations roll their eyes up into your skull so I avoid them. Hopefully they will revamp them in the future to correct this.

Overall I love the high resolution that Genus offers and applier support is phenomenal so you don’t have to worry if your favorite skin store doesn’t carry anything for it. I’m definitely a Genus girl now. ♥

My outfit is the current new release from Blueberry, the Budgetberry Taylor Mega Pack. For a limited time you can purchase it for 950L, a complete steal of a deal! I’m normally a one color buyer, either pinks or nudes but I love the Budgetberry releases because I can fatpack and not feel guilty about it. They’re so affordable and I hope she will continue to release them and other brands will take notice and start doing something similar. Not everyone has 3-5k to spend on mega packs or fatpacks so thank you Blueberry, you’ve always been a favorite of mine but these have made me love you more.


  • Hair: Doux(David Cooper)-Mineko ♥NEW @ LEVEL
  • Skin: ItGirls(Annie Jolifaunt) Estelle in Tan
  • Head: Genus Project(GenusProject)-Classic
  • Body: Maitreya(Onyx LeShelle)
  • Lashes: Mai(Mai Bilavio)-Britney
  • Eyes: AG(Kendra Parfort)-Radiance Eyes Gacha – Genus – 08
  • Nails: e.marie(Emilianamarie) // Mix&Match Coffin – Gloss/Nudes


  • Top/Shorts/Belt/Shoes: Blueberry(Blueberryxx)-Taylor Budgetberry Megapack ♥NEW

Poses & Backdrop

  • Poses: La Baguette(Aristas)-Queen #2 & #6
  • Backdrop: BellePoses(BellePoses)-All You Need Is Love for 60L as part of the Happy Weekend Sale.
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Blonde & Blue

Well hello again gentle readers.

Addams has released a new outfit named ‘Zury’ and as soon as I saw the ad I knew I had to have her. I decided to step out of my normal color selections of pink or nude and went for this blue and I’m so happy I did. It pops so well on my skin tone.  The only part of the ensemble I skipped on was the shoes as I am not a fringe person.


  • Hair: Doux(David Cooper)-Lala with Deluxe HUD
  • Eyes: Besom(kattington)-IG browns Catwa
  • Lashes: Bossie(MiraLeen)-Bubble for Catwa
  • Skin: itGirls(Annie Jolifaunt)-Violet in Tan
  • Nails-e.marie(Emilianamarie) // Mix&Match Coffin – Gloss/Nudes

Wardrobe & Accessories

  • Top: Addams(AmaliaRainwood)-Zury Crochet Holes Top // N*17 ♥NEW
  • Jeans: Addams(AmaliaRainwood)-Zury Jeans with Gem Belt // N*35 ♥NEW
  • Heels: Garbaggio(Ashleey Andrew)- Jane in Nude
  • Ring: Yummy(Polyester Partridge)-Diamond Solitaire Ring – Maitreya


A Little More Personal: Alina Rubaneko

Hello gentle readers! Its been awhile, hasn’t it? Today I’m sharing my interview with one of my favorite artists on Flickr, Alina Rubaneko.

Prue: Hi Alina! Thank you so much for letting me ask you some questions to get to know you better. I appreciate your time.

Alina: Hi, Prue! I want to thank you for this wonderful invitation.

My name is Alina Rubanenko. I was born and live in Ukraine, in the big and beautiful city called Dnipro. I am an artist, a writer, YouTuber and a huge dreamer. I am 31 y.o. beautiful blue-eyed woman. I graduated from Radio Electronics College. I used to work at a telephone station, at an Internet provider company, and even at the same college that I graduated from. But I have never been happy in the realization of these areas.
I love life. This is a huge playground for creation. I love Art. What I use in all aspects of my life today. I am a freelance artist, creating oil paintings and writing a books.

PrueWhen did you first discover your love of art and how long did it take for you to see your talent?

Alina: I draw since childhood. And somehow I always knew that I had a talent. It wasn’t a discovery for me. Like all children, I loved to draw, but do it more and with a special interest.
My father wanted to be an artist, but he had to let go of this dream. He had no support in this from the family, probably it played a huge role in his life. And I inherited from him this passion for art.

Prue: Are you self taught or did you have a teacher?

AlinaYes, I am self-taught. But I graduated from art school. It was in my teenage years. I was not particularly serious about studying at that time. Years later, I took my studies in my own hands. The art school gave me a certain base. Invaluable experience. But in reality it turned out – the best teacher is myself. Practice, practice and another ten times practice. Conscious and with a serious approach.

Prue: What are some of your inspirations?

Alina:  Anything, even anyone can inspire me. It is always unpredictable and sudden. Music helps me a lot in the work process and inspires me very often. Movies and artworks of other artists.
It happens that inspiration comes when I sit down to work, in the process. When I don’t know what I want. Especially during commissioned work. I plunge into a special creative state, which is very difficult to explain. It can only be felt.

Prue: Are you active within any online games/communities? If so, which ones?

AlinaI don’t play online games. I don’t play games at all. This is very rare and in my entire life I can count no more than two games that I have passed. Well, maybe three. I used to be a part of the Sims community. And I still use this game to visualize my ideas.

Prue: What are your hopes for the future with your art?

Alina: I want to be more professional, learn more, be able to more. To be in demand and interesting to others. And, of course, making more money with my creativity.
I also want to inspire people, be useful and share my experience with others. I dream about greater happiness and prosperity for all of us.

Prue: Before we part ways, is there anything else you would like to add about yourself I may not have touched on with my questions?

Alina: Because of my many hours of practice in drawing, I spend quite a bit of time online. Truth be told, I hate social networks. I have never had a good relationship with any of them. They are very necessary for my work, but I cannot and do not want to devote a lot of time to them. So it’s hard to catch me let’s say on the Facebook or other. But I regularly post my works on Instagram, on Flickr, and doing my channel on YouTube. Also I’m always available on email. So I have not a very big and active online life, like others have.

Visit Alina’s Flickr to view more of her work and don’t forget to check out her commissions page. Below is my current piece from her for the Holidays. Merry Christmas everyone.